Cisco UCS Monitoring

Monitoring as a Service 

Probit is hosted in the Cloud, so it is much easier to administer as compared to the traditional methods. With Dual-Authentication, an Administrator can access it from anywhere and anytime, and yet get all the features that are necessary for remediation.

The ease at which your network can be measured optimizes the administrator’s experience by using a single platform speeds identification and remediation.

Probit’s Monitoring solution performs historical trending that highlights the direction your capacity position is moving in, so you can clearly see capacity problems well ahead of time. Forensic vision that is backward in time gives you comprehensive capacity reports, all in customizable dashboards that allows IT to travel back in time to see how and why capacity problems occurred over the past few minutes, hours, days, weeks, or months.

The ease at which your network can be measured optimizes the administrator’s experience by using a single platform speeds identification and remediation. Now you can troubleshoot server and database issues before they affect customers—and do it within minutes.

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Net-Pulse - Like a Surveillance Camera - provides detailed view on how the network and storage traffic flows from fabric interconnect to vNic in Cisco UCS domain in multiple geographical locations.


Cisco Solution Partner


Centralize the full Inventory of your enterprise system built on Cisco UCS Blade (B-Series) and Rack-mount servers (C-series) servers license, Model Number, Serial Number, CIMC and UCS Manager Firmware Versions and configuration within managed data centers.


Advanced Capacity Planning

Assist with planning how much capacity business needs and flexing the infrastructure capacity up or down on demand. Get alerts on possible bottlenecks on your Network, SAN and Compute services.


Faster Response Time

Track and begin remediation of a known event more quickly and efficiently through the robust tools available to managed services providers.Monitor UCS infrastructure and proactively begin resolution activities in the event of a drop in performance or a fault.


Reduce Operational Cost

Providers are able to identify potential service interruptions much more efficiently from cloud application. Avoid multiple service providers to monitor each aspect of your Enterprise Data center running on Cisco UCS Infrastructure. No need of any SDK’s, SNMP MIBs and other complicated requirements.

Service Assurance

    Capacity Management

    Top down visibility of capacity utilization from application level  down      to high available compute and storage clusters and   standalone B        or C- servers. Long term capacity trending,  forecast future capacity      needs based on historical trends.

   Configuration Management

     Keep monitor on Changes (CIMC and UCS Manager Firmware version,               Users, Blade Service Profiles, association failures and configuration and             translation of Cisco Fault codes), version and audit server configurations.           Also keep tracking changes.


   Performance Management

   Visibility into server performance, daily / weekly / monthly trends to provide         deeper insight into service degrading issues. Statistical modeling will be               applied to historical data and forecast the trend  for next 30 days to take an         action proactively and avoid failures  for all collected measures.

   Fault Management

    Monitor Faults and potential future problems (Power, VIF failures, VLAN              mismatches, Connectivity Policy issues, RAID and JBODs, latency issues ),         provide deeper insight on root cause   contributing to faults. Recommend            actions to troubleshoot and steps to prevent them from occurring.


  • dashboard
  • FaultDetail
  • FaultCode
  • recommandation
  • topology
  • netpulse
  • heatmap
  • power
  • Forcast
  • inventorysummary
  • blades
  • serviceprofile
  • lan